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Technical Grade

Cassia Gum Technical Grade


Cassia Gum techinical grades is used in several textiles, mining, air freshener gels, cosmetics, paper production and water treatment. Like other hydrocolloids from legumes, Cassia Gum is synergistic with other hydrocolloids for enhanced thickening or gelling functionality.

Technical Grade Gum powder acts as a binder in the production of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry. Derivatives as Carboxymethyl Cassia and Hydroxypropyl Cassia are used in Textile printing, Paper industries, Oil field applications and Air fresheners. In the Cosmetics industry, it is a mixture stabilizer and surfactant. In the Mining industry, it is a froth or coagulation agent in ore processing considering its eco-friendly nature. It is a mineral depressant especially in talc, calcite and lead mining. Also it is vital in copper-lead separation. As a Flocculation agent it is used in water treatment and recycling. In addition, it is used in the Petroleum industry especially in drilling mud and fracturing fluids.