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Cassia Tora L., (Cassia obtusifolia L.), Caesalpiniaceae

Cassia Tora belongs to the wild crop variety and Caesalpinaceae plant family and to cassia genus.

Cassia Tora L., (Cassia obtusifolia L.), Caesalpiniaceae, found in several part of India as a weed and all the parts of this plant like flowers, fruits and leaves stay unique. The seeds of Cassia Tora are rhombohedral and brown in color, about 30 to 50 in number. The plant bears flowers in the rainy season and fruits in the winter.

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Cassia Seed (Cassia Tora Seed)

Cassia Seeds are small, bold and shiny and are duly machine cleaned. Cassia tora seeds are available as natural cassia tora seeds and in different ranges. Cassia tora seeds are hard to beat in their quality and affordability.

Today the seeds of this plant are processed to extract the gum powder which is then applied for variety of industrial applications. The plant is known for its significant medicinal value. Our products are worthy for export because of our focus on safe packing. These seeds are made available in 24t/Fcl. We have spread our fame as a topnotch cassia tora seeds manufacturer in India.

Cassia Tora can also help by removing intensive heat from the liver and improving vision, moisturizing intestine and easing the bowels. Great help for losing weight as well. It is sweet, bitter and salty in flavor, slightly cold in nature; it is related to the liver, kidney and large intestine channels. Cassia tora seeds tastes bitter and little salty and it can help to boost eyesight.

In addition to being used as medicinal herbs, the seeds are also used as a mordant in dyeing. They can also be roasted and ground, used as a coffee substitute.

The dried and fresh leaves are used in northern Nigeria in the treatment of ulcers, ring worm and other parasitic skin diseases. In cultures, the leaf extracts of the plant showed anti-bacterial activity. Antiviral activity, particularly against Newcastle disease virus and Vaccinia virus.

Cassia Tora widely used as suspending, thickening, emulsifying, and gelling agents in applications like foodstuffs, coatings, personal care compositions, Health care products, Household and Industrial products, Hair care products and also in oil well fracturing fluids.


  • As a mordant in the process of dyeing
  • As an alternative for coffee seeds when roasted and grounded
  • When dehydrated it obtains good amount of protein for which it is applied for bird feed livestock.
  • As a leguminous weed it is also found to be a used as fodder for animals and carps ingredient.