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Guar gum, also known as Gum cyamopsis or guar flour, is derived from the ground endosperm of the seed of the guar plant, Cyamopsis tetragonaloba (L) Taub. (syn. Cyamopsis psoraloides).

Guar gum is comprised of a high molecular weight (approximately 50,000-8,000,000) polysaccharides composed of galactomannans consisting of a (1→4)-linked βD-mannopyranose backbone with branch points from their 6-positopns linked to αD-galactose (i.e. 1→6-linked α-D-galactopyranose). There are between 1.5-2 mannose residues for every galactose residue.

The gum may be purified by washing with ethanol or isopropanol or dispersing in boiling water, followed by filtering, evaporation and drying.

Guar Gum Chemical Structure
Guar Gum Powder Manufacturer India

Guar Gum, a natural gum, is an edible thickening agent extracted from the guar bean. Guar beans have a large endosperm which contains galactomannan gum which forms a gel in water. This is commonly known as guar gum and is widely used Food and industrial applications. Guar gum has also proven a useful substitute for locust bean gum. India is the major producer of Guar. India produces approximately 80% of world’s total production. Pakistan follows India with 10 - 15% share in the world’s total production.

The seeds of Guar are split and the endosperm & germ is separated from the endosperm by sieving. Through heating, grinding & polishing process the husk is separated from the endosperm halves and the refined guar gum split are obtained. Through grinding process the refined Guar split are then treated and converted into powder.

The guar gum is a white to yellowish white, nearly odourless, free-flowing powder with a bland taste. Guar gum is insoluble in organic solvents. The gum is soluble in cold water without heating to form a highly viscous solution. Guar gum solutions have buffering capacity and are very stable in the pH rd 4.0-10.5 range. Addition of a small amount of sodium borate to a water solution of guar gum will result in formation of a gel.

Guar Gum Flowchart

Approximately 90% of the guar seed is used for the production of guar gum and the rest is used for culinary purpose and cattle feed. Guar seed consists of three parts, germ (43-47%), endosperm (35- 42%) and the husk (14-17%). Guar seed extracts include Guar Split/Gum (30%), Korma (30%) and Churi (40%).

Guar split/gum is further refined to guar powder for easy storage purposes. The byproduct of guar gum industry is guar meal which is a source of protein and used as cattle feed.

Guar Gum is mainly used as natural thickener, emulsifier, stabilizer, bonding agent, hydrocolloid, gelling agent, soil stabilizer, natural fiber, flocculants and fracturing agent.

Quality Testing Parameters include testing of the factors like:

1. A.I.R. (Acidic Insoluble Residue)
2. Moisture
3. Viscosity
4. Content of Ash
5. Size of the Particle
6. Odour
7. Protein
8. Filterability
9. Gum Content

10. Color
11. Fibre
12. Granulation
13. Insoluble Residue
14. Fat Content
15. pH
16. Heavy Metals
17. Arsenic
18. Lead

Guar Gum Powder has mainly two grades being widely used across the world and is highly demanded. Food Grade Guar Gum Powder and Industrial Grade Guar Gum Powder.

Food Grade Guar Gum Powder

Pet Food : As a viscosifier.
Soups : For increase thickener and Stabiliser.
Noodles : Improves texture, form and moisture retention.
Processed Cheese : Improves texture and flavour and use as Stabiliser.
Pastry Ices : Absorbs free water as well as prevents excessive stickiness.
Dressings and Sauces : For Thickener, emulsion stabilizer and improve flow properties.
Beverages : Controls viscosity, improves body and mouth feel and also improves shelf life.
Meat : Use as a binder in sausages, it absorbs free water, improves flow rate, prevents separation and migration.
Ice Cream/Dairy Products : Provides smooth and creamier texture, prevents formation of ice crystals and quick meltdown.
Bakery Products : Improves texture, crumb and structure, increases shelf life, and improves moisture retention. It also increases dough yield, shelf life.

Industrial Grade Guar Gum Powder

Industrial Grade Guar Gum is widely used in textile industry, paper industry, explosives industry, oil and gas drilling, mining, construction, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries and many other industries.

Textiles : For sizing and finishing.
Construction : As waterproofing agent.
Explosives : As water binding agent for aqueous slurry explosives.
Mining : For concentration of ores and flocculation and better recovery.
Oil well drilling and Fracturing : As Fluid-loss controlling agent and additives in fracturing fluids.
Paper : For improved sheet formation, increased bursting strength, fold strength, denser surface for printing and to get better finish.
Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals : As conditioner and viscosifier, thickener in toothpastes and shampoos, binder in tablets, to disintegrate compressed tablets and Mild laxative and soluble dietary fiber.
Oil Field : For increase the production rate of oil and gas. The use of guar gum increases the oil recovery. Guar gum is used as a surfactant, synthetic polymer and defoamer ideally suited for all rheological requirements of water-based and brine-based drilling fluids.