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Chickpeas Green

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Green Chickpea is the most widely consumed legume worldwide. These green chickpeas are simply the dried or canned chickpea’s younger sister, harvested at peak freshness. Green Chickpeas are a summer crop, usually harvested in late summer and early fall. Typically, the fresh, green variety is only sold during their harvest season at farmer’s markets, but frozen options are changing the game.

Green Chickpea is most commonly the small spherical originally the seed-pod of the legume Pisum sativum. Although it is botanically a fruit, it is treated as a vegetable in cooking. Green Chickpea is an annual plant, with a life cycle of one year. It is a cool season crop grown in many parts of the world; planting can take place from winter through to early summer depending on location. The average pea weighs between 0.1 and 0.36 grams. The green chickpea is used as a vegetable – fresh, frozen or canned, and is also grown to produce dry peas like the split pea. These varieties are typically called field peas.

Green Chickpeas can add texture to any dish, included in a salad, added in with rice, or as a simple side dish. If you want added health benefits, use green chickpeas for guacamole or or hummus.

Green Chickpeas are nutrition packed and have a very unique and flavourful taste, making them an exciting, versatile and convenient food product.

Parameters Value
Color Green
Features Good For Health, Non Harmful
Moisture 14 % Max
Carbohydrate 23.43 g per 40 g
Calories 142 kcal per 40 g
Maturity 100%