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Castor Seeds

Till - Sesamum Indicum Pedaliaceae
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Castor oil plant or castor bean plant, is the common name for a wind pollinated flowering plant, Ricinus communis, of the Euphorbiaceae family, characterized by large, palmately lobed leaves, flowers during most of the year in dense terminal clusters, with female flowers above the male flowers, and clusters of spiny, red to bronze fruit or seed capsules that contain seeds with intricate mottled designs.

Castor seeds are the source of both the commercially important castor oil, which has medicinal and industrial uses, and the extremely poisonous ricin, which has been used as a biochemical agent.

The tiny grey seeds of the castor plant, dotted with brownish spots are contained inside the fruit. Two varieties of the castor seeds are known, one, being the red seeded and the other, white seeded.

The castor oil, chiefly, consists of ricinoleate of glycerol or triricinolein along with small amounts of palmitin and stearin.

Alkaloid ricinine and toxalbumine ricin are two other known components of the castor seed. Around 60% of the seeds are composed of triglycerides, largely ricinolein.

Castor seed oil contains: 90% ricinoleate (12-hydroxyoleate or 12-hydroxy-oleate) a hydroxy fatty acid. Castor oil contains small amounts of Stearic acid but is free from palmitin or olein. Castor chief constituents are ricinolein (C3H5[C18H33O3]3), isoricinolein, and dihydroxystearin. Ricinoleic acid (C18H34O3) is the principal acid of the oil; it forms a thick oily liquid, solidifying below 0° C. (32° F.), soluble in alcohol and ether.

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The castor oil is useful for various medicinal and industrial purposes. It is used for treating various skin related disorders and can relieve swellings and pains. A lower concentration of the poison, ricin, is present in the plant. It is considered unfit for human consumption as it is highly toxic.

Attribute Content
Protein 29% Minimum
Oil Content 47% Minimum
Fiber 16% Minimum
Nitrogen 4%
Phosphorus 1%
Moisture 8% Maximum